All of our members and guests are important, but sometimes we just to want share with you a few people so that you know who they are and what they do.  That's what this page is for, we hope you enjoy.


Jesse's Testimony:  I grew up in a Christian home with two older siblings and a single dad.  My mother was sentenced to fifty years in prison when I was four years old.  As I approached my teenage years I found it difficult to understand why a loving, caring God would allow this to happen to our family. Growing in my age and faith, I soon began to understand that we live in a fallen world where there are consequences for our actions, but God can work all things together for good.  I realized I had no right to blame God; I should instead have faith that He has a plan for what happened to my family.  I have recently been called to serve God's Kingdom through the teaching of Scripture and the scientific evidences that back up the truth claims of the Bible.  I hope that Multnomah University will be a stepping stone in God's Will for my future.

Jesse's Core Beliefs:  I believe that the Bible is a divine revelation from God.  I believe in a "very good" (Genesis 1:31) earth that mankind brought sin and death into.  But God, in His love and foreknowledge of the future, made a way for mankind to be made right with Him again.  That way was through faith in the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.  After repenting of our sins and giving our life to God, we should strive to grow in our relationship with Him and serve Him.  Until Christ returns to right all the wrong in this world, we, as believers, need to spread the good news to all who need to hear it.

Jesse's Ministries & Volunteer work:  He has taught Creation Science Seminars in Costa Rica, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Montana and Arizona.  He has taught in Children's Ministries through displays, activities and song.  He taught a young adult class and coordinated community outreach activities for the class.  He has done volunteer work with Austin Disaster Network, homeless outreach, helped community outreach to high crime neighborhoods, and the local Food Bank. Jesse grew up in Austin, Texas and also has an Associate Degree in Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing, and completed the Discovering Creation Training Institute at Alpha Omega Institute.  Jesse is getting married this New Year's Eve to his fiancé, Mercy.

As for the youth, we are currently getting the ball rolling in Sunday School with reading the Creation/Fall account in Genesis.  I'm really aiming to get the kids thinking about some very important questions in life: Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is or purpose? Why would a loving God allow pain and suffering in this world? The answers to these questions can be crucial to the foundations of our faith.

For the Youth Group on Tuesday, I will start with a lesson on The Armor of God (wearing my home-made medieval armor) and then we will have a Gaga Ball at some point that should add to the excitement.


A few weeks ago, Penny Helmig agreed to head up our new “Telephone Care Ministry”, to check in with our seniors and other folks who are having medical problems. She contacts people to assure they’re doing ok and to see if they have needs that the church family, or community service agencies, can help to meet.

Penny was born in Silverton and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  She was raised in Molalla and graduated from Molalla High School in 1971.  Afterwards, she attended Portland State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and then a certification in Women’s Studies. In 1993, she received her Master’s degree in Social Work, also from PSU.

In 1993, Penny moved to Massachusetts where she lived and worked until she returned to Oregon, due to an illness which led to the rupture of her colon. She had surgery while in Massachusetts, spent several months there in rehab, and then finally returned “home” in December 2012.  Over the past year, Penny started attending our church and then was baptized in May when she declared her faith in Jesus Christ publicly.  During the Sunday worship services, Penny and Melanie Maben usually sit together; Melanie is Penny’s cousin, but they consider themselves more like sisters.

Penny has the loving, caring heart of our Lord, and her life’s work centered around the needs of the elderly / aging population.  So when she was asked if she’d be willing to make calls to check on our “family”, she readily agreed; her responsibilities include calling church members to check on how they’re doing – especially after surgeries or illnesses. 

Check out Penny’s picture on the “Focus on Family” bulletin board outside of Bob and Joni’s offices, and be sure to get to know Penny on a more personal basis.



Melanie Maben is the church’s “Web-Master”. (Or is that Web-Mistress?!) <smile>  Melanie maintains the church’s website and updates information – about Bible studies, upcoming sermons, special activities, etc.  Plus she gets to tap into her artistic talents by creating beautiful ways of sharing information about the church through her graphics and design techniques.

Melanie was born in Silverton, spent her early years in Mulino, and then moved to Dickey Prairie.  Her parents attended Molalla Christian Church, and Melanie was baptized in our church when she was about 10 years old.  The family property had access to lots of acreage, which fostered Melanie’s love of breaking, riding, and training horses. And because their home was along the Molalla River, she even swam her horses in the river in the summer!

Melanie has 2 adult children: Dave and his wife Michelle Helmig, who live in Maine, and Dustin and his wife Wendi Helmig, who live in Molalla. She has 3 grandchildren: Shelby, Derrick, and Ashley.  Many in the church may know Lorna and Jim Derrick, who are Melanie’s mother and step-father.

Melanie graduated from Molalla High School and attended an on-line college where she obtained an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources and also in Business Management.  She’s just a few credits short of earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, but a few years ago she became ill and developed cognitive issues, which made it difficult to finish the necessary classes.

She worked as a Police Clerk for 3 years and as a Reserve Police Officer for approximately 5 years. During her law enforcement days, she graduated with honors from the Police Academy. She was employed by the City of Molalla for 18 years, moving from the Police Department to City Hall where she was the City Recorder/Assistant to the City Manager, working her way up the ladder from City Clerk, Utility Billing and Accounting.



In 2008 Melanie moved to Maine and worked for 2 years as a Store Manager for “On The Run”, a type of mini-mart.  Then in 2010 she returned to Oregon and was employed by another Municipal Government for 3 years as Assistant City Administrator & City Recorder.

Melanie considers herself a dog-person but 3 years ago, she lost her dear English Bulldog (Hershey).  She’d like to have another dog someday but now has a Turkish Angora cat named “Ricky”. Melanie said that Ricky thinks he’s a dog during playtime, since he fetches items and even used to bring her slippers to her in the morning!  In fact, Melanie has a deep love for animals of all kinds -- even to the occasional skunk or opossum that visits once in a while!   In her spare time she sews and crochets and also loves relaxing in her flower garden and working on art projects.

And of course, with being the church’s webmaster, she’s got to be a computer person, although self-taught!  She loves learning things from the internet but realizes that we all have to be careful and discern the good from the bad. Melanie is a beautiful example of how God can use us and our skills for the glorification of Him and His church – ­and how modern technology can also be seen as one of God’s plans to advance His kingdom.

Check out Melanie’s picture on the photo board outside of Pastor Bob’s office. Get to know Melanie and introduce yourself to her because no matter how long we’ve been a part of the church, we may not know everyone’s name. But remember that if you’re part of our church, then you’re part of God’s family! And one of Melanie’s recent comments was: “I love my church family and now feel I would be lost without them.”