"It's Called Christmas"
Music video of of Molalla Christian Church folks
performing "It's Called Christmas" in 2009
"Resurrection Song"
Molalla Christian Church Worship Team 2010

Youth Group Meeting

Baptism Chatos finance
Lee Harris-solo he wrote-The Color of Jesus
Bobs Tie Display
Bobs Ties 120 of them
childrens program 2017
Children's Program Leaders
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Emma Helmig & Cindy Vosgien setting up the "stage"


One of the kids handing out Easter peeps with notes that say "God loves His peeps" & then the Scripture verse John 3:16

The kids singing at the beginning of the program

The kids working on their "experiments" demonstrating the love of Jesus & how He makes our lives white as snow

Lee Harris-solo he wrote-The Color of Jesus